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To make a well-known website, has a page of “Privacy Policy”. has considered the privacy of his visitors to be meaningful. Our privacy policy page paints a details the types of any information is collected-recorded by and how we use it.

Log Files:

Like other gorgeous websites, always use log files. These files absolutely log visitors to the site –
commonly a standard action for hosting authorities and a section of hosting providers service’s analytic. The report of the log files subsume browser name & version, internet protocol (IP) addresses, date & time print, Name of Internet Service Provider (ISP), Name of the website who refer you to our site, browsing session, exit pages, total browsing time and audibly the number of total clicks on different links of this site & other site ( such as: social media & others) . This records will be used to assay for trends, administer the site, the pathway of visitor’s intercourse around the and gather demographic information.

Cookies and Web Beacons: use visitors cookies to pick-up something about the visitors’ favoritism, to drawing visitors info on which pages the valuable visitor visits and to customize/personalize our website kernel based upon visitors’ internet browser type or other information that the visitors give us via their internet browser.

Vendor information:

We have no third party vendor on this site yet. But we are trying to approving Google Adsense.

Our Advertising Partners:
AdSense is our advertising partner.

Children’s Safety first:
Children are the future of the world. firstly request to every parent of children’s for the safety of their children. We
request to all parents for daily monitoring, what kinds of the website they (children) browse every day?


People who browse our website. He is agreed with GDPR. Because this website agrees with GDPR.

By using, you hereby consent to his privacy policy and agree to its terms.

বাংলা ইসলামিক বুক

আসসালামুআলাইকুম। আমি একজন অতি নগন্য সাধারণ মুসলিম হিসেবে নিজেকে পরিচয় দিতেই পছন্দ করি। একটি সু-বিশাল লাইব্রেরীতে এসিস্ট্যান্ট লাইব্ররিয়ান হিসাবে কর্মরত আছি। তাছাড়া ব্লগিং আমার কাছে খুবই পছন্দনীয় একটি বিষয়। তাই চেষ্টা করছি- “আমার ব্লগিং জ্ঞান ও দক্ষতা দিয়ে যদি বিন্দু পরিমাণও দ্বীনের দাওয়াতের খেদমত করতে পারি, তাও নিজের জীবনকে ধন্য মনে করবো।”

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